Sunday, April 2, 2017

PBY: Wheels!!

  So I've added some of the docking equipment to the PBY. The post by the turret is a retractable docking thing apparently. The white hatch on the side is the door for the anchor! I LOVE this plane!!
I also added the white stripe behind the cockpit because all the photos of PBYs I've seen have shown this plate of metal sticking out from the hull slightly. Reinforcment? Does it help subdue vibration from the propellers? The props are about right there pretty close to the hull, so it must have something to do with that. I've also finally figured out the turret, which will not only be perfectly level, but will also rotate freely!!

   Most importantly, I found the PERFECT sized wheels at Colonial Photo and Hobby. They fit the wheel wells perfectly, have the right style of tire tred and wheel hub and they're real rubber! Only $7 and it saves me from having to sculpt them from scratch!

Saturday, March 25, 2017

1:18 PBY Restarted!!!!!

Well, when last I posted anything about this, it was March of 2015. I had just finished the scratch-built machine guns..... Then I finished my office and spent just about a whole year doing ZBrush stuff. 

At work, one of my coworkers gave me a blank notebook. I decided to write down all my 'To do Projects' lists. Stigymoloch print was first, then the Kazon Ogla Ship and now the PBY. It's great having everything in order. It allows me to knock these out one by one and MOST IMPORTANTLY, not to interrupt what I'm working on with new projects. New projects just get written down at the end of the list. 

So lets talk about the PBY. The first image is me just pulling her out of storage and slapping her together. That's why all the dust. It shocked me how big she is. We measured her wingspan at almost 6 feet (70.75")!!!! I didn't believe it until I pulled the wing off, stood it upright and indeed it was taller than me! 

The second image is the entire hull sanded. This gives me a clean surface with texture so any additions have something to grab on to. It will also help the primer paint go on strong. 

The third image is the hull with the windows, rear turret blisters, and wheel wells cut out. It already looks so much better with windows!! I'm getting more comfortable with this project the more time I spend with it. This seemed really overwhelming at first. That's why I only modified the cockpit and built the turret last year. These were little individual pieces I could put my energy into without having to worry about accurate pontoons or landing gears or rivets or panel lines. 

Thursday, March 9, 2017

Kazon Raider: Finished!

 All finished! It's nice having a quick project! The Aztecking came out great!! Now I know how to do it if I ever make my own ship design.I was going to weather the panels with pastels, BUT I threw out the decals when I first got the model. Without decals, I just don't care about refining and finishing something that can't ever be really finished. 

Sunday, March 5, 2017


Finally! I can post something about work! They asked me if I can sculpt rock work so I decided to be proactive and do a couple rock work samples for them. It's been a fun challenge and much faster and satisfying than digital sculpting. This cliff face only took me 2.5 hours from start to finish!

Kazon Rainder: Almost Done!

The Kazon ship is going very fast now that the slow painful aztecing is done! Tomorrow I'll paint and glue the last few pieces on and then it's just decals and weathering with pastels. 


Monday, February 27, 2017

Kazon Raider: Aztecing

Here's my best attempt at custom aztecing. I've chosen a color that's a little too red and a second color that's just barely more green/gold than the base color. Blue Artist tape actually works really well for masking everything off. I've simply primered all the pieces with Rust-o-leum gray primer and sprayed a base color. That's it! No other prep needed. Now I'm just blue masking tape everything and cutting shapes out of places!

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Star Trek Voyager: Kazon Raider

      You might be asking yourself, "Why the hell is he wasting his time with a Kazon ship?" First of all, it was free. Secondly, I need practice. I haven't built a plastic model kit since I was 18 and I have a stack of good model kits waiting for me. In this stack I have several that I've always wanted to build including (but not limited to) The Defiant, The Millenium Falcon, The Reliant and a Bird of Prey. I want these kits to be decked out with all the custom lighting, aztecing and brass kits I can find for them!!! But I want to use this ship to get a feel for the old hobby all over again. Thirdly, this is going to be a testing board for an aztecing experiment I want to try. Though all my federation ships will be custom decals or vinyl masks, I'd like to try it the super old fashioned way. 
      I'm not keeping this Kazon Raider either. I'm sending it to my nephew so he can blow it up over and over with his favorite ship, Voyager.

As you can see in the photos, I've started putting together the main hull and for the first time ever in my model history, I'm actually filling and sanding all the seams out! My brother did this on his 1:48 B-17 Memphis Belle model. I was so in awe of how it came out. But alas I was always too lazy to fill and sand any of my seams. But now with over 9 years of scenic and prop fabrication under my belt, not getting rid of the seams would seem like a mortal sin!

Another benefit of my age and experience is the knowledge of Cyanoacrylate, a super glue we use at work that cures with a kicker in 10 seconds, and is sandable!!! When I was a kid we had to rely on the orange Testors Glue tubes that cured in about a half hour!