Friday, December 1, 2017

Dasos: Spirit of the Forest

   Here he is so far. I've got a hollow head of Shell Shock, nose and inner mouth of Apoxie Sculpt. The eyes will glow a frosted white. He'll have a translucent blue set of horns on top of his muzzle that get progressively larger the more forward they get. His antlers will be tree branches (I know, it's played out...) and the tips of the branches will be fiber optics. His eyes will have no motion. They'll be an even white glow (Think god mode on Wolfenstein), but he'll be expressive through his eyebrows and eyelids. 

   Here's the rub. He's too complicated. I'm utilizing every tool I've learned as a prop fabrication artist and this thing is pushing the limits. That's fine as far as IF he'll work. I'm not worried about the IF. I'm worried that this isn't what I should be doing for my quick and simple foray into Stop Motion. You don't start learning to paint by trying to out-do Rembrandt. 

But I have a plan! Remember the Rankin Bass Parody? Since it's Christmas month now, we've been watching a lot of Rankin Bass specials. The animation is actually quite terrible and the puppets are simple. So I started creating myself as the Fred Astaire Post man from 'Santa Clause is Comin' to Town'. It's easy and fast so far! I'll post photos soon! But I'm not done with Dasos. He's going to be amazing!

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

PBY: Engines!

It's been a while for the PBY, but that's because I've been scratchbuilding two very detailed and complicated engines. They're 14 cylinder engines EACH!!! I sculpted one cylinder and made a tiny mold for it. I got 14 pulls out of it and was ready to rock, until one of my co-workers again pushed me to just make the other 14 and have them be complete engines. The piping and wiring on them really make the thing work. The black shapes on top are the oil coolers. Don't worry it looks all clean and good when they're inside their cowling. 

On a side secret note.... Eventually I'm going to build another 1:18 scale plane for a present. I can't say what it is, but I call it Project L-16. It also has a 14 cylinder radial engine, so I've technically started working on it!

Monday, October 16, 2017


Finally the third and final (for now) Bubo from 1981's Clash of the Titans is finished and off my plate!!! Now I can more fully focus on the PBY, traditional animation, violin and stopmotion!

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Stopmotion: room upgrade!

A before and after shot of the closet. I built new tables right into the walls so that table shake is impossible! I figure I can have two scenes going on at once here. Since everything is wood, I'll also be able to drill right into the table no problem! Tomorrow I start building the test Forest Spirit head. But I've also been mulling around a quick Rankin Bass christmas parody as well. The possibilities are literally endless!!!!

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Stopmotion: First Test!!!!!

I got my cord in today and set everything up!!!! I found my shuttle Tydirium and thought the movable wings would work as a good test! Sadly, one wing didn't have friction all the way through and just fell early on. The movement away looks like a Gumby animation. But HEY! EVERYTING WORKS!!!!!!

Monday, October 2, 2017

Stopmotion: The right gear.

  Over the weekend I bought a dedicated laptop for stopmotion and just today I got Dragonframe 4 in the mail! The laptop is a Samsung 15" Touchscreen from Best buy for $649.00. Dragonframe was about $325. I accidentally ordered a separate blutooth controller for it for another $65 (GRRRR!). I thought I could digitally download just the software so I ordered the nicer controller first. Then I found out that you can't purchase a full version of the software for download. You HAVE to get it with a USB controller... oh well.

My old Canon Rebel T1i will work with Dragonframe 4, I just checked the website. I went on Amazon and ordered the camera's USB cord. So, in theory, on Wednesday I will be able to plug everything in and start animating!!! Now I just need to build the armatures. I'm going to start with the larger close up head first. I can do tests with it and such. 

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Bubo III

 This is the third Bubo I've made and the 2nd most relaxing. I still have till December to finish, but I'm sure I'll be done WAY before that. Just got the legs worked out this weekend. I put the clay ribbing on the lower legs this morning (not pictured) and finished cutting out all the metal pieces to finish the head. The Beak was also sculpted on this morning, but will still need to be sanded and painted. We go to England for a week starting next Friday so progress on everything will grind to a halt for a little bit. Hurricane Irma was actually a blessing for me since we maintained electricity and I got 40 hours paid time from work despite only going in for maybe 10! All the rest went to Bubo!