Tuesday, April 24, 2018

PBY: Upper wing 99.9% complete!

  I just need to add new headlight frames around the headlights and the upper wing will be COMPLETELY finished! It's about 6' long! A little taller than me! I glued on the freshly airbrushed exhausts and tomorrow I'll cut out the new frames!

Saturday, April 14, 2018

PBY: Lookin' Good so far!!!

 Looked up some youtube videos on how to do exhaust on models. Decided to go with a non airbrush method. I think my airbrush would always look like airbrush (millions of tiny dots). Instead I got my old chalky pastels out and brushed them on with a stiff short brush. You can even go in with a good eraser and cut off where it starts. That's key in making it look like the dirt accumulates and starts from behind panel lines. I went a bit too large on the silver paint chipping, but it's a HUGE model, so it's okay. Those two silver wires sticking out of the wing between the engine are hand holds so you can hoist yourself up onto the wing for maintenence. That's why there's so much paint chipping there. There would  be a lot of wear and tear where you lift yourself up. 

Monday, April 9, 2018

PBY: paint!!!

  Trying to get the PBY finished by June. I'm finally on the paint step! It's exciting seeing it all come together and see the rivets work! As you can see, I chose the Naval three tone paint scheme for my PBY. I actually think I might be able to get this done by the end of this month!!! Then I can start on my Monorail display project. After the Monorail displays I do the big one.... a 5 foot long scratchbuilt Nautilus! I can't wait!!!

Sunday, March 11, 2018

Stop Motion: Hands and Mouths

  According to the book Maria got me for christmas, you don't make mouths for every letter of the alphabet, you make them to cover the word phonetically. That makes sense! It's also far fewer mouths to make. The hands don't need to be too crazy either. He only needs to hold a bag, open envelopes (which in the Rankin Bass special, the envelopes sort of "fall open") and maybe give vague gestures. I'm going to use the old muppet trick of having one hand pose per camera shot. That way I'm not screwing around trying to make tiny clay fingers move and stay consistent. We'll see how it works... or if it works...

Sunday, February 11, 2018

Stopmotion: Rankin-Me

   I was making incredible headway with this guy up until Christmas, but then I ran out of steam. These are old photos, he has an entire suit of clothes sewed out of felt. At this point, I need to sculpt all the mouths, a few sets of hands, make the hat.... and he's done!!!!

I thought it would be funny to introduce the Dasos story like it was an old Rankin-Bass Christmas special.