Sunday, March 13, 2016

2nd Bubo all done!!!

You've probably wondered where the hell I've gone over the past several months. THIS is partly the answer. I got a commision to make a 2nd Bubo!!! Here he is all shiny and new! I've made a lot of progress on the garage too that I haven't posted. I'll do that soon. I'm also restoring and refurbishing a full size Thestral head that I can't post pictures of, so I've got a lot in the pipeline.

This second Bubo is actually more accurate to  the first one I made. The face is taller, and the eye openings are full circles instead of the oblong ones I had before. I also made this one MUCH stronger, each piece isn't glued on with super glue like the last one, they're all polygemed in! This thing needs to ship across country so I'm taking no chances.