Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Penny website.

In expanding my 'average man' portfolio, I've remembered that I have another website that still exists. It's a website dedicated to the penny. Visit it! There, you can burn, slice, freeze or even canadianize a penny. Also check out the documentary video I made about pennies in the wild. It's a crazy ride, so hold on!

Click here for penny site

Monday, September 28, 2009

Sand! For only $34.95

This is my first attempt at packaging design. Why? you ask. Well, I have advice for those of you out there with only one portfolio. Make a portfolio for the average man!
When you make a professional portfolio there are a thousand rules to follow; only show the employer 10-12 pieces, customize each portfolio to the style of each company, always include life sketches, have a customized cover letter, the resume must always only be one page long... etc. etc. I have learned that when you show your portfolio to normal people from everyday life (not art directors or HR people), very few of those rules apply. Most people are embarrassed by nude figure drawings, so I've completely gotten rid of them. Also, show a wide range of skills. I'm dividing my portfolio into 4 sections: Sculpture, 2d (paintings), graphic design, and photography. I'm also not holding back on the number of pieces. I've noticed people will flip through and seem to want more than 12. So I'm giving each section 12 pieces. Like four portfolios jammed into one! Of course the cover letter is gone, no one wants to read anyway. I'm keeping the resume, and I've cut slits in the inner sleeve to hold three business cards instead of one. Average people seem to be impressed with business cards. Process work is gone too. I've never seen anyone look at my portfolio and comment on how they like seeing my thought process. HR people and art directors like that, but not John Q. Driveway. Another bit of advice is to keep the thing in your car. I've had tons of instances when my artwork comes up and someone says "oh, you should show me sometime" and it's great when you can say "I've got my portfolio in the car"! I'm also going to carry two in the car, one for the average man, and a professional 12 piece one on the off chance I run into someone who could hire me for a job.
So there you go. This is my first piece into graphic design. A whole realm of art I have NO business being in. But the average person won't know. If they flip by it and aren't impressed maybe something in the other 47 pieces will catch them.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

2nd favorite scenic shop job.

I've just finished a project today with the scenic shop. For the last week I've sculpted the rear bumper to the Splash Mountain vehicles. I WISH I could post pictures, but I think I'm not allowed to post them on the internet (if such pictures existed... he he). I worked with an industrial oil based clay that's the same stuff they use to make concept cars out of. It was awesome!!! The clay becomes soft at 135 degrees. Once it cools, you can sculpt textures and details into it. It was probably one of my favorite projects I've had at the scenic shop. You know you have a good job when an 8 hour shift feels too short, four days in a row!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Finally added Text to my headquarters.

It's finally a poster as it was intended to be. Maria and I searched and argued and debated the correct two fonts to use for about a half hour this morning. We both like what we ended up with.