Saturday, July 10, 2010

Scenic Shop memories: Part 1

Almost two years ago I walked into the Hollywood studios Scenic Shop and did work on their Fairies meet and greet. The very first thing I sculpted were the two smaller mushrooms in the first
image at the top. After that, the third taller mushroom, the snail and the lady bug. Since then I've done work in three of the four parks, sculpted full size parts for ride vehicles, painted 50 feet in the air, sculpted for projects for other parts of the world, and seen things the average guest will never see. The Fairies Meet and Greet at the Magic Kingdom started it all. It was the beginning of the best job I've ever had. A job that, as a freelancer, I could be layed off of any day. All the more reason to savor every day I get to go in and work for Walt Disney.