Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Stiggy 3D print!

   I'm sure all 26 of you who follow this blog are tired of Zbrush stuff. Well, I 3D printed Stiggy at 20" long and now i'm cleaning him up and seaming him. Tonight, I'm Apoxie Sculpting all the seams. Tomorrow I'll sand him down and give him a good brushing of Acetone. Then I'll wait a day, wash him with soapy water and give him a few coats of Rustoleum gray primer. Unless the guys at work convince me to buy the expensive Reynolds primer. ....we'll see....

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Hammond's Cane: Boom! Done!

It took 11 renderings, modifying and adjusting both sculpt and render each time, but I finally got what I want! Woo!

Monday, January 2, 2017

Hammond's Cane:3

  So, here he is in (mostly) the right pose. As you can see from the screenshot, they've added a thick long thing to the head of the cranefly. I'm guessing this is the addition that changes it from cranefly to prehistoric mosquito. I'm going to go ahead and add something that's a little thinner, but just as long and prominent. 

Hammond's Cane

Just the wings left and I can pose this guy! The Thorax is about twice the size it should be. I'll correct that when I pose him. Looking at the film stills, it looks they added a long blood sucking tube to him. Or it's a different, but very similar insect. Once I pose him, I'll show you what I'm talking about.