Thursday, October 22, 2015

My Garage floor!

We've had a house since January and our improvement projects haven't ceased! They've been slow, surely, but we've been working on several things at once to keep things interesting. I'm most excited about the vision I have for my garage. I want a sort of trendy clean old barn feel. I want stone verneer on all the walls separated by 6" wide beams of aged wood. The ceiling will be covered in aged thin wood slats and the floor, as you can see will be vinyl wood slat flooring. This will keep the cost down, look just like real wood, be water and temperature proof, and finally not be destroyed by a 1,000lbs. vintage VW or Porsche. In dreaming up my floor, I envisioned a 5 ft. diameter freelance logo that would simulate wood inlay. I finally finished that exact thing last night and it's EXACTLY what I envisioned! It took about 20-30 hours spread out from September 14th till October 21st.