Sunday, August 31, 2014

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Zuul Trophy Sculpt

One of the guys at work, Dave Sadler, is a very very dedicated Ghostbusters fan. He sculpted this screen accurate Zuul, made molds of it, and was kind enough to drop those molds off at our shop so we could make our own!!!! These photos are the most current progress shots I've taken for my particular Zuul dog.

At this moment, she's in her finished primer stage. Everything is attached, tied in and sculpted just the way I like it. I extended her throat back a bit and tied in the tongue (using alligator throats as reference). She unbolts from her base for painting, don't worry!

I also made the trophy base. I routed it, stained it and shellacked it. I went to a trophy store and had them make up a really clean looking trophy plate for it! Icing on the cake! The next two steps are to paint her, and install plexiglass eyes that light up! Then she'll be all done! 

Those steps are going to have to wait though. I must put her in storage for a month or so and start sculpting my wedding cake topper! Once that's done (and maybe when we're set up in the new house) I'll pull him back out and finish her!