Saturday, June 6, 2009

Sculptwerks box

I made a little box for a wedding present. The present goes in the box, it's not the box itself... that would be terrible. I found some awesome potato sack-like material to line the inside, and wal mart has tan shredded paper that looks like packing straw. And I finally found a perfect use for the sculptwerks logo stamp I made in college. I can't tell you what goes inside because the wedding hasn't happened yet. It's an awesome present though.


    it was the first gift we opened. actually, we did consider the box to be a gift. jason and i debated for quite some time. it was so well contructed, could it be a paperweight? but it wasn't wrapped, and he is a sculpter. it seemed so obvious, but to open it might destroy it. it was sealed shut. what to do. should i text him? no that's lame. i made some joke about needing indiana jones, grabbed a knife and as the lid flew across the room it revealed the headpeice to the staff of ra! i really could not of had any idea what was in that box, i could not believe what i had just said before opening it. how fun! this was my most treasured wedding gift.


  2. YAY! I'm glad you liked it! I was so happy about the size and weight of the thing when I got it. I knew you guys just wanted camping/traveling stuff, but I thought I'd throw something stupid into the mix. I'm glad you liked the box. I enjoyed making it.