Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Size test.

It's a crappy photo, but I made a rough set up of the next illustration with cardboard to get all the size issues figured out. The queen is going to be sculpted at 10" tall. The back walls are going to be 2' tall.


  1. very cool layout. this cardboard mock up reminds of this far out idea i had last month.

    I was wondering what artist would do in a post apocalyptic world, how and what would we use. So I made a cardboard robot (similar to our awesome cardboard weapons project) and my initial thoughts were that people would create and innovate toys from found materials (cardboard) for children to play and display. sorry for the off topic banter.

  2. I think in a post apocalyptic world, landfills would become a main source of materials. To the point where they would be guarded as valuable property. Probably held by Mad Max-esque gangs.