Sunday, August 8, 2010

A New Clay!

At the Senic Shop, I've finally gotten a chance to use "Plastilina" clay. It's an oil-based clay. The cool thing, and this is why I'm posting about it, is that it's the professional standard of clay. It's a formula that has remained the same for over 100 years! I like expanding my repertoire of different sculpting medium I've used. Each one makes me feel a little less like a college student who got lucky.
So now I've used polymer based clays such as "Sculpey" (my favorite), oil-based clays like, "Roma Plastilina" and "Chavant" clay, and awesome two part apoxie clays like "Magic Sculpt" and "Apoxie Sculpt", both very good clays.
It's also nice having the experience of learning about different interior forms to sculpt off of. I started out in college (and still do at home) using aluminum foil, a nice space filler, and it has no problem being in the oven. And the Scenic Shop has taught me about alternatives like carving urethane foam blocks (very dangerous, use a dust mask and tyvek suit!), using Hilti spray foam, and even using the expanding insulation foam stuff you can buy at Home Depot and Lowes!

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  1. From Kate - Hey there - thought about you today...saw a red haired boy with glasses. So here I am. You've been gone for 3 years now...holy smokes. Glad to see you're still making's wonderful. Keep blogging, Brian and love to M too! xo