Tuesday, October 5, 2010

containers and such.

So I've got a lot of stuff here for my box. First of all, I'm working out the new instruments players will use to measure distances for their fleets. As you can see from the first image, it's just in it's template stage. In the second image you can see I've completed the treasure chest for coins, the terrain box for all islands and terrain, and the dice rolling box to help roll little and normal size dice (without it rolling off the table, or knocking over ships and things). I've also purchased a glass bottle for the dozens of little dice I have. I have to confess the treasure chest was purchased. I DID sand, stain and shellack the chest. I've also lined the bottom with felt. But, yeah, I didn't build it. The dice box and terrain box are completely made from scratch. The latch and hinges are lifted from cheap boxes from Micheals.


  1. These look awesome! You should make a series of these and sell them! Make custom, are these for Disney?

  2. Thank you! These are just a side project I'm doing for myself. The top of the box is going to be a relief sculpture. Hey, if you ever want a custom container just let me know!

    Or a sculpt, of course!