Monday, June 13, 2011

Mr. Badger's New Book.

And here it is! The collaboration project I promised oh so long ago. Maria and I concepted it. She suggested I do a simple children's book illustration and I stipulated that it must take place underground in a burrow. She did all the character design and drew the tight sketch. I sculpted and built it. Maria helped a little bit on painting it, and was very very helpful during the photo shoot. Together we chose which photo (out of about 80) was the best, narrowing the list slowly down. We also each did a bit of photoshop adjustment on it. Nothing much, mind you. Just color adjustment and I darkened the fireplace innards to let you see the rockwork a bit more. And last but not least, Maria named the piece. I'll post process photos soon. Not now though, it's very late....

1 comment:

  1. since no one else will do this, I will self critique this piece. It's one of my good ones (unlike the headquarters), but when you compare it to the original sketch it seems a little bit more distant than it should be. Can this be corrected by merely cropping the piece more? Is the distance better? The background seems a little more sparse. Like the elements should be closer together and the camera closer to Mr. Badger.