Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Yay! She's done! No, I'm not happy with this photo shoot. Now this is just a side project, certainly not portfolio material. If she's lucky I'll try to sell her on Etsy. I want good pictures for the archive though and I think she'd do well in real sunlight!

As you can see, the decals worked PERFECTLY. I'm very very impressed with Testors simple, easy to use package and I WILL be utilizing this new knowledge in the future.


  1. Great work, I stumbled on your blog while doing a google search for "evil smile," for a humpty dumpty sculpt I'm working on, but I love MLP and I love what you've done with this sculpt. What clay did you use? I mostly work in polymer.

  2. Since i could sculpt and bake them separatly, The wings are super sculpey. Everything else was done with Sculpt Apoxie clay.