Tuesday, October 9, 2012


I recently mailed off nine portfolios to Laika and Pixar. Of those 9, I only got a response from one. Mr. Jerome Ranft of Pixar was kind enough to call me and offer me a very spot on critique of my work. His main piece of advice was that I push myself into areas that I'm not comfortable with, either working in super stylized or super realistic sculpture. So I've decided to push myself into the scary world of super realistic. Mr. Ranft's suggestion was to sculpt off of a single photo, not a turn-around. That way, I force myself to decide what the depths are and the entire piece becomes decisions and interpretations.

So tonight I've started the armature. He's mounted to a 10x6 base and he'll stand around 9 inches tall. It's nice to come back to pure sculpting. I don't need a clever idea, I don't have to worry about lighting and color.... I just have to sculpt!

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