Saturday, July 27, 2013

Comicon Inspired project #1: Spaceship 3

So, we went to comicon and as with any convention I was all like "I'm totally going to change my life after this! Everything is art from now on!" Mostly, this is all bullshit. I get back home and I have to do dishes or something and all the inspiration disappears. HOWEVER, I did promise myself I would do three things after comicon. The first project was inspired by the above three photos. Every year at Comicon and Megacon, there's a booth that has a ton of beautiful models from various anime's I've never seen. These models are inspiring and amazing and I always say to myself "Someday I'll do that!" Well, this time I'm actually going to do that. I've made two model ships in my day, one of which still adorns my portfolio site:
I called it 'spaceship1'. It lit up and was fun at the time. My second ship (called spaceship2) lit up and had rotating engines and a gun that came out of the front. It never got on my portfolio site as it was hideous. The third one was supposed to be a future police ship with lowering landing gears and lights. That one never got finished.... then over seven years passed.... nothing happened. Until I took the above photos at Comicon and promised myself I'd make spaceship 3. It probably wont be a police ship (only decided by the fact that I had a little chip that made a red and blue LED flash), but I want it to be as close to a masterpiece as I can get. I've been playing around with sketches and I have a nice fighter design. But I kind of want to do something bigger and more grandiose. 

If I can't come up with anything I like that's larger, I'm going to totally do this instead. 

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