Sunday, September 15, 2013

3D Logo, Printed!!!

I did it! I 3D printed a nice clean piece! It's about 5 inches wide and a half inch tall. But it was not an easy process....

This picture shows the 2nd attempt in printing. The first time some left over plastic on the print head got in the way and tore apart an area early on. This second attempt had flaws in the belly area of Hemmingway. I'm still not sure what really happened. I just came out after an hour to check on it and it looked like this. After this attempt I reopened the file in Zbrush, flattened the back (the key to all the problems I think), Decimated the polygons down by half and tried again. She printed like a dream after that! 3D printing has been frustrating to say the least. I only predict more heartbreak in the future. But at least with this one victory, I can keep going!

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