Thursday, April 28, 2016

Zbrush Project: 6 - Stygimoloch

Well, I've decided on the next project. A member of the Pachycephalasaurus family, the Stygimoloch. 'Why the Stygimoloch' you may ask without slowing on the pronunciation? I really want to do a dino that's rarely ever done. Everyone does T-rexes and incorrectly sized Spielbergian Velociraptors (that are really utah raptors, Velociraptors were actually very small). I wanted something compact, no sauropod stuff. And I really like the detail and spikes of the head! The image above is the z-sphere beginning of the body. I'll do the arms legs, head and neck as separate subtools until I get the pose I want. 

This one wont be as quick as the Headpiece to the staff of Ra. But it shouldn't take nearly as long as the tedious Bird of Prey!

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