Sunday, July 16, 2017

PBY: Pontoons!

  I've scratch built my own pontoons. The first photo shows the pontoons that came with the plane. Eww. They're cartoon y and huge. I'm sure since this is an RC plane and you CAN actually land on water, those monstrosities were necessary, but mine is a static display. The wooden structure in the top image is the actual wingtip the plane had. This was actually a very good shape, but I had to build my own because they needed to be 1/3 wider and symmetrical. The little silver eye hooks on both sides are the tie downs for the actual plane. The rivets are resin printed water slide decals from Archer. Now all the wing tip needs is the mechanism that raises and lowers the pontoons!!! That will be fun and make it look beautiful!!! The last photo shows the pontoon strut, cavity for the strut and semi-accurate white detailing of the panels of the wing tip itself.  

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