Saturday, August 12, 2017

ZBrush Project: Giraffe Head.

  I know I was trying to take a break from Zbrush but some stuff came up at work, so I need to fill out my portfolio with one more piece. Luckily I only need another organic thing and those are dirt simple and fast to do! I've been itching to sculpt a giraffe skull and print it out at work! This will be a quick weekend project. Here's the top of the skull without teeth. This only took 4.5 hours! Click on it to see a larger picture. Tomorrow, I'll do the lower jaw and the teeth. Then I'll render it with the teeth a slightly different color. And, hey! I got the boolean subtraction to work!!!! I STILL need to teach myself how to paint this in Zbrush and then render it PAINTED!!! That would change EVERYTHING!!!!!!

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