Monday, October 2, 2017

Stopmotion: The right gear.

  Over the weekend I bought a dedicated laptop for stopmotion and just today I got Dragonframe 4 in the mail! The laptop is a Samsung 15" Touchscreen from Best buy for $649.00. Dragonframe was about $325. I accidentally ordered a separate blutooth controller for it for another $65 (GRRRR!). I thought I could digitally download just the software so I ordered the nicer controller first. Then I found out that you can't purchase a full version of the software for download. You HAVE to get it with a USB controller... oh well.

My old Canon Rebel T1i will work with Dragonframe 4, I just checked the website. I went on Amazon and ordered the camera's USB cord. So, in theory, on Wednesday I will be able to plug everything in and start animating!!! Now I just need to build the armatures. I'm going to start with the larger close up head first. I can do tests with it and such. 

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