Wednesday, April 24, 2013

EPCOT model: scrathbuilt carnival stand

  So, right in the middle of the carnival section of the EPCOT model, there was this weird, out of place, non-descript cube. So I asked my art director what he wanted done with it (if anything). He responded "It would be nice to make it look like a structure of some kind." And thus my home scratchbuilt project begun! 

I knew I wanted to make it look like all the other surrounding carnival stands, so I quickly took a picture of the most convenient one near me with my finger next to it for size reference.  

With my finger measurements, I outlined how much shorter the new building would have to be to match the others.

Starting off with a simple cut.

I then used scotch tape to mask off where the windows would be.

I spray painted the box and let it dry. Meanwhile, I cut out what I thought would be a very close match for the roof pieces.

Tape removed, I glued everything together.

A little bit of paint and VIOLA!!!! It's done!

Here it is in it's new home. It will probably be there for the next 50 years! So, the next time you ride The People Mover at The Magic Kingdom in Florida, look for my little one night scratchbuild.

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