Sunday, July 22, 2012

Yeah, I'm a nerd.

Being a nerd has become popular in the last ten or so years. A lot of people claim it just to fit into the trend, but I've been one my whole life. I built model planes and grew up watching Star Trek when I was young. I'm extremely lucky to have a girlfriend who encourages and allows my nerdiness to grow exponentially. My nerd creds are pretty legit. I've hosted several  games of D&D and most recently I've just finished this custom box for one of my friends. He plays 'Magic The Gathering'....

The box was completely built from scratch. I stained it and lacquered it twice. I lined the inside with black felt. The top stays closed with two strong neodyne magnets.

Dice tray at the bottom.

  The top of the box was adorned with a relief sculpt with an elemental symbol in each corner.

The middle tree design had the logo text in negative space. 

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